Intermission ASC 0040 16X20UF CA O

ScrollPausing to graze on a warm afternoon

Beneath a leafy canopy near the lagoon

They linger while looking upon the scene

And what they observe seems oh so serene

 Symbol 05 single x small gray

Intermission over, they go on their way

Much distance to cover before end of day

The distance they travel they don’t comprehend

Yet ultimately arrive at their journey’s end ©

Symbol 05 x small gray


Sudden Flight

Sudden Flight ASC 0041 12X16UF CA O

lavendar underline 3

Flushed from safety in the morning light

A startled pheasant took to flight

An unexpected noise, the cause

His wary nature gave no pause

Symbol 05 single x small gray

Better safe than sorry as the saying goes

Self-preservation, a crucial skill he chose

From years of staying ahead of danger

Avoiding conflict with any stranger

Symbol 05 single x small gray

A charming life was his to partake

Colorful plumage he couldn’t forsake

Guarding his harem, defending his home

His destiny sealed before he was born ©

lavendar underline 3 - Copy

Snowy Morning

Snowy Morning Christmas 03

On a misty winter morning as the dawn begins to break

A young fawn wanders down to have a look upon the lake

Whose water was now frozen, a beautiful sight to see

He couldn’t think of another place where he would rather be

 ♦   ♦   ♦

Taking in the peaceful silence, feeling somber and alone

Wondering if he’d find this place again when he was fully grown

His hopes and dreams yet to fulfill, his destiny awaits

Knowing what the future has in store lay solely with the fates ©


Wishing you and yours

A Very Merry Christmas

Majestic Hunters

Majestic Hunters ASC 0015 22X26F CA R

A cabin sits upon the hill

Far from the city’s light

A country scene, a mountain stream

A place where eagles take to flight


The peace and quiet is palpable

A wonderful place to call home

Far away from the city’s noise

Where wild things feel free to roam ©


Turkey Hollow

Turkey Hollow ASC 0039 12X16UF CA O

lavendar underline 3

There is always a natural order to things

And, turkeys are certainly no exception

If they make it through this year’s Thanksgiving,

They’ll have received a most welcome redemption

Floral Design for underline 18

Domestic or wild, they are quite a breed

At Thanksgiving time, they are tasty indeed

They grace your table as a main attraction

Where ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ are your biggest reaction

Floral Design for underline 18

Helping yourself you don’t dare to complain

Eating your fill ‘til you’re lethargic and in pain

Remembering those turkeys down in the Hollow

While waiting for that scrumptious dessert sure to follow. ©

lavendar underline 3 - Copy



Perception ASC 0037 30X18F CA O

As I gaze out across this land

From the plateau on which I stand

I find I’m unable to make a decision

Is what I see real, or just a vision? ©

lavendar underline 3 - Copy


Harmony MFC 0007 26X22F CA O

lavendar underline 3

The concept of Harmony takes on many varied forms

Like a beautiful rose that proudly sports its thorns

Or those trumpet shaped flowers, heralding us into spring

Or sweet romantic gestures that pull at our heartstring

Symbol 05 single x small gray

Like April showers that bring May flowers or day following night

Or birds instinctively knowing when it’s time to take to flight

Or the mighty surging rivers flowing swiftly to the sea

The world is a much better place, with peace & harmony ©

Symbol 05 x small gray